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* Maximum scale is 1/10 (i.e. no 1/8 scale cars).

* Electric vehicles are limited to 7.4 volts

* Nitro vehicles are limited to .18 motors

* Wings are limited to 7 inches.

* No tire restrictions at this time.

* No weight restrictions.

Violators will be disqualified!!!

Safety is of paramount importance. What may be safe for you,, may not be safe for small children that may be present. Please be aware and considerate of others at all times. All unsafe conditions will stop racing until resolved.

Unsafe drivers will be disqualified.


Prior to racing at the Maryville R/C Raceway, you must agree and sign a copy of the rules, regulations and procedures.   The form is available at the scoring booth.

Please return a signed copy to racetrack staff prior to racing and ask for another as your personal copy.


  1. Car owners are responsible for the save operation of their race vehicles. Reckless operation of vehicles in motion will not be tolerated.  R/C car operations are not allowed in the parking lot.
  2. Car owners are responsible for operating their pit area in a safe and responsible manner.
  3. Drivers are responsible for the security of their race vehicles, equipment, children, and personal property.
  4. Racetrack staff may try to assist car owners or drivers with rules 1-3 by whatever means available.
  5. No shoes, no shirt, no racing! Shoes and not sandles are recommended. 
  6. Untied shoes are fashionable but not allowed on racetrack property. 
  7. No cursing or inappropriate language. Maryville R/C Raceway is family oriented! 
  8. Alcohol, illegal drugs, and fighting are NOT permitted on raceway property. Violators of this insurance rule will be assisted off private property onto a public road by the Maryville Police Department.
  9. Disputes about track results will be resolved by racetrack officials and their decision is final.
  10. Standard accepted radio practices apply while not actually racing (i.e.no transmitting). 
  11. Cancellation of racing by race officials for whatever reason including weather or track conditions prior to the start of racing will be announced as soon as possible on the answering machine (618-410-0293). The monthly race schedule is available on our web site: www.maryvilleraceway.com 
  12. Cancellation of racing by race officials for whatever reason AFTER the start of racing may entitle drivers already registered to a full or partial refund. Refund equals total entry fee minus $4.00 per race or qualifying heat already completed.
  13. Racers are required to act as race marshals for the following race after returning their transponder. 
  14. All race entrants are aware that during races vehicle accidents may occur unintentionally when encountering other vehicles, hard landings and meetings with immoveable objects. Racers are responsible for keeping their vehicles in a safe operating condition and remove malfunctioning vehicles from a race that are a hazard to other vehicles, race marshals, or other objects. Intentionally damaging other vehicles or threatening other personnel including racetrack staff will not be tolerated.
  15. Weekly race results and cumulative yearly champion point totals will be listed on the web site www.maryvilleraceway.com on the Winner’s Circle tab. The Maryville R/C Raceway will update the point totals, however racers are responsible to notify race officials of inaccuracies.
  16. Racers agree to allow Maryville R/C raceway to publish, display or include on their web site, pictures or likenesses of themselves at Maryville R/C Raceway events (for example: winning drivers).
  17. All prizes and "Champion Driver" point awards are at the discretion of the Maryville R/C Raceway and substitutions or modifications may occur.
  18. Smoking is allowed, however not on the wooden drivers stand or within 50 feet of fuel storage areas. Please dispose of residual smoking materials in the steel milk cans located around the track.
  19. No standing on either the cement blocks or wooden portions of the track fence. No running.
  20. All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. The parent or accompanying adult is responsible for all the actions of that child. Children shall not be allowed to play in the extra dirt pile located on the North side of the building. Children are not allowed to throw anything. Children shall not be left unattended or allowed to wander around the track area. Drivers may require a designated adult to comply with this rule while on the drivers stand racing. Children are not allowed inside the racetrack fence while vehicles are moving on the track.
  21. Should there be a special class of racing for child drivers, a parent or an accompanying adult shall act as a race marshal for that child.
  22. BE SAFE, wear eye protection and hearing protection. Use your equipment like extension cords, battery chargers, and other electrical or heat producing tools SAFELY. Please be aware that children may be present at the track and what may be safe for you may not be safe for them.


Drivers continually late for marshaling will be moved to the last qualifying position for the mains.

Drivers need to be prepared for their next race. The sequence of classes will be announced at the drivers meeting and will not change. This year we plan to pick up the pace so that everybody gets more racing completed. We plan to have only 3 minutes or less between races which will be announced automatically by the computer. So, prepare your vehicle and batteries accordingly.

Violators will be disqualified.